American Blues Musicians

Sylvia Pitcher Photo Library

The Library has one of the finest collections of Blues photographs and as Sylvia herself is the author of these she has first-hand knowledge of the subjects, should this be required by clients.

In the 1960's Sylvia carried out assignments for various magazines mainly photographing pop stars of the day. She also carried out commissioned work for design groups and record companies and photographs taken on spec. were often utilised as record covers.

It was these "on spec" photographs which formed the basis of the Photo Library which was set up in 1964. As well as record companies clients include T.V. and production companies, publishers of various media including magazines, encyclopaedias and books ranging from "coffee table" to educational.

Although Blues is the specialist collection, also featured are photographs of artists in the fields of Jazz, Country, Bluegrass and Cajun and some Pop Stars of the 1960ís.

Initially views of America were photographed as an adjunct to the musicians but later became far more general. Apart from the obviously music-related cities of New Orleans, Chicago, Nashville and Memphis, photographs are predominately rural in nature.

Upon receiving a request low resolution images will be transmitted by email for perusal with high resolution images being supplied for reproduction purposes once a final choice has been made and terms agreed. Copyright throughout remains the property of the photographer.